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Top Loyalty Programs - Tesco

Successful loyalty programs have been based on a clear view

of what loyalty means and how it can be directed to increase

customer goodwill. We all know that selling to existing

customers is several times cheaper than acquiring new ones,

and when it comes to business success, loyalty is the

difference maker. That’s why loyalty programs are such a hot

topic nowadays.

Loyal customers are more likely to buy products and services

again and again from the same brand or store than new

customers because loyal customers already have a

relationship with a specific brand. They trust it more than a

new customer would . However, the best programs are not

only about rewards. They are about the whole experience that

the company delivers to its clients.

If you are a startup or a grown up company, if you are looking

for a loyalty program or if want to improve your existing one,

or if you simply want to better understand what are the best

loyalty mechanics and why a loyalty program matters this

blog is for you.

Tesco is a British multinational groceries and general merchandise

retailer founded in 1919 by Jack Cohen. The company, with its

headquarters in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, England, in the

United Kingdom, is one of three the largest retailers in the world

measured by gross revenues.


Clubcard is a loyalty program run by Tesco. There is also a mobile

app Clubcard by Tesco.

Customer Experience

To join the program, customers have to enroll online through the

Tesco Clubcard website or offline in one of Tesco’s stores. There is also

an app available (iOS/ This loyalty platform is not available in

the U.S.

Loyalty Mechanics

Tesco Clubcard is a program available online and offline. The program

is not divided into segments. The program is based on points. Points

can be exchanged for vouchers and coupons. Customers can enjoy

special offers, e.g Christmas Savers.


● Clubcard Boost get offers to boost point balance;

● Coupons customers can use Tesco coupons online and offline

in stores;

● Scan as you shop customers can scan shopping as they go,

then pack it straight into bags;

● Tesco Bank banking services like accounts, mortgages and

home insurance;

● Competitions access to special competitions;

● Access to Tesco Loves Baby Club;

● Delivery Saver special program to save on deliveries.

Otherways of obtaining benefits

Customers can redeem points for vouchers and activities in their

neighbourhood in categories such as entertainment, eating out, travel,

home and essentials, and lifestyle. Members can also use their points

to take part in 4x value Family Days Out at over 180 attractions and

hundreds of restaurants, which means that vouchers are worth 4

times their normal value.

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