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#1 Loyalty Program for Plumber and Retailer

Design End to End Incentive Program for Plumbers and Retailers. Unotag helps in identifying new users and organize Nukkad Meets. We are your single partner to acquire, engage and retain plumbers. 

Tech + Business

Design Complete Onboarding + Management with us. We will take care of all Nitty Gritty. Help with Nukkad meets and organizing Education camps with Retailers and Plumbers.

Regular Communication

All users will be regularly communicated regarding upcoming schemes, new products and existing products. Offline communication will also be done.


Design, Manage, Measure and Scale in one tool.  Improve performance and drive behaviors

Features & Benefits

Re invent your Brand

Why us ?

Single Platform to Onboard all stakeholders and drive revenue

We take care of Software, Technology, People, Business Goals and everything in between.

Powerful Solutions for your Business

With the Right Partner,
Great Things Can Happen

Unotag Solution improves performance, adoption rate, success factor and much more

Unotags helps our business create unique schemes and engage our influencers. Gamification is simple and amazing

Akshay Banda
Digital Head at GM Modular

UnoTag is very convenient and simple UI to manage your loyalty program and incentive program for Masons as well as retailers. 

Ashok Kumar
Marketing Manager at Nuvoco

Our retailers are so motivated and engaged even with smaller payouts because UI and support of Unotag is amazing. Impressed by this product

Priyank Shah

Marketing Manager RR Global


Marketers'  ❤ Unotag

Industry Standard

Trusted by Experts

Ready to get Started

We provide Integrations with major CRM's and ERP. Starting with Unotag is a breeze, get started right away.

We Go Above
and Beyond

Learn More

Channel Partner

Unique Integrated Dealer and Retailer Loyalty Programs. Event based and product based points and games.


Recognition and Rewards with a catalogue of 500+ vouchers and badges


End to End Loyalty Program and Engagement to improve reention.


Enterprise grade Consumer engagement and Gamification like Bingo, Cricket and Spin Win. Create amazing contests and promotions. 

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