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Features & Benefits

Finally, Software That is Fun

All-In-One Toolkit

From Designing amazing incentive programs to scaling them for your entire business. We are a single toolkit to drive motivation

Simplifying the Complex 

Your eyes are a miracle, Such complex details and a simple design. Our philosophy resonates around your eyes. 

Gamification that works

Gamification is using game elements like points, leaderboards, badges to drive users in completing tasks. We use octalysis framework in designing intuitive game experience for your partners.

Integration API driven

Unotag can be integrated easily with major CRM's and ERP's. We also do complete custom integrations, webapps, mobile apps and WhatsApp chatbots

Total Design Freedom

Design tasks, games, payouts, redemptions, engagement with our workflow builder. Use smart micro incentives to focus everyone towards performance

Optimising Team Work 

Go beyond simple loyalty program to the next gen tech and solutions.  

A solution for all Business'

Automate Personalized engagement campaigns

Automate Customer Engagement and Retention

Use our AI Engine to segment and target users

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