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Why is Channel Partner/B2B Loyalty Important?

We understand that 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers. And the fact that retention is more efficient than acquiring new customers.

Types of Loyalty Solutions

Point based Loyalty Solutions

Every time your customers hit the payment button, they will earn points. Our product catalogue is beautifully vivid and is perfect for pampering your customers. They can redeem their earned points through either wallet money or cards.

Event based Loyalty Solutions

Word of mouth is the best promotion. Every time your loyal friends rave about just how much they love shopping at your store, via either positive product reviews, store check-ins or social shares, we give them a return gift.

Cashback Programs

Be it enterprises or customers - if there is one thing that all of us strive towards, it is savings. Cashback programs are the shortest and surest route to the same, and so are discounts and promotion coupons.

Why is Channel Partner/B2B Loyalty Important?

A channel partner/B2B loyalty programme can be viewed as the most important instrument for maximizing the value of your channel partner/B2B connections.

A B2B loyalty programme powered by Unotag technology will provide you a significant competitive advantage. A primary incentive and motivator for selling your company's products is to provide a portal where partners can display their points earned as well as the rewards acquired from the partnership.

The key to success in today's dynamic and cutthroat climate is shifting the relationship between a brand and its channel partners from transactional to emotional. We care about how well your channel performs, therefore enlisting the help of your partners is crucial. This is where our Loyalty Program for Channels comes into play.

By building a competitive differentiator, our well-designed channel loyalty programme can help you beat the competition. It's a crucial tool for generating more value from channel relationship management and giving you a competitive advantage.

Developing mutually beneficial connections with channel partners

Effective channel loyalty programmes are more than just discount programmes. An ideal channel loyalty programme combines the right amount of breadth and depth, resulting in a profitable connection with a bigger number of channel partners.

We, an Indian loyalty rewards firm, assist you in defining your channel strategy and working with you to not only enhance sales but also to establish an ecosystem that allows you to build long-term lucrative relationships with your channel partners.

It all starts with a thorough examination of your channel partners' business goals, which is then aligned with your own to form a strategic framework for delivering the programme. Our channel loyalty experts assist you in end-to-end programme management, as well as periodic assessments and recommendations, after the objectives and strategic framework are complete.

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