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How should Wall Putty companies incentivise their Retailers


In the competitive world of wall putty, retailers play a crucial role in driving sales and establishing brand presence. To motivate retailers and foster long-term partnerships, it's essential for wall putty companies to provide effective incentives. These incentives not only encourage higher sales but also create loyalty among retailers. In this blog post, we will explore some crisp and clear ways that marketing teams can incentivize their retailers.

1. Competitive Margins:

Offering competitive profit margins is a fundamental way to incentivize retailers. By ensuring attractive margins on each sale, you provide an immediate financial benefit that motivates them to sell more of your products over competitors'. Clear communication about these margins helps set expectations right from the start.

2. Volume-Based Bonuses:

Setting up volume-based bonuses rewards high-performing retailers who consistently achieve or exceed target sales volumes within specific time frames (e.g., monthly or quarterly). This creates healthy competition among your retail partners while boosting overall sales figures.

3. Performance-Linked Rewards:

Introduce performance-linked rewards programs tied to specific metrics like customer satisfaction ratings or achieving predetermined sales targets. Offering additional perks such as gift cards, merchandise discounts, or exclusive access to new product launches further incentivizes retailer efforts.

4. Training Support:

Investing in training programs for retailers not only enhances their selling skills but also strengthens their confidence in promoting your brand effectively to customers. Consider organizing workshops or online training sessions focused on product knowledge, application techniques, and market trends—all aimed at improving their expertise.

5. Marketing Assistance:

Providing marketing support can significantly impact a retailer's ability to drive sales successfully—particularly smaller businesses with limited resources and reach.

a) Co-marketing Initiatives: Collaborate with your top-performing retailers by sharing marketing costs for joint advertising campaigns that highlight both your brand and the retailer's store.

b) Promotional Materials: Supply retailers with eye-catching point-of-sale materials, brochures, or digital assets that educate customers about your products' benefits and features.

6. Exclusive Offers:

Reward loyalty by offering exclusive discounts, early access to new product lines, or special promotions available only to your retail partners. This not only helps them attract more customers but also strengthens their relationship with your brand.


By implementing these crisp and easily understandable incentives for wall putty retailers, marketing teams can motivate their partners to sell more effectively while fostering long-term business relationships. Remember that clear communication and transparency are key when designing these incentive programs—ensuring everyone understands the criteria and potential rewards involved. With a well-designed incentive strategy in place, you can empower your retailers to become strong brand advocates who drive increased sales and contribute to overall business growth.

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