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Dealer and Retailer Loyalty/Incentive Program

Implement engagement techniques that are motivating, rewarding, and quantifiable to help your dealers sell more of your items.

Are your dealers motivated enough to sell?

How can you ensure that your dealers are completely committed to your products/brand and that they value their association with you?

The most crucial aspect of any channel distribution network is having motivated and engaged dealers that will push your items directly to end customers, rather than sending them to your competitors. Simultaneously, you must understand what motivates your dealers and continue to incentivize them on both a transactional and an emotional level in order to foster long-term profitable relationships with them.

We create, develop, and implement end-to-end dealer incentive programmes to ensure that your products or brand is consistently reaching out to your end customers. By adopting a data-driven bespoke dealer incentives programme approach, we help you increase incremental sales over business as usual.

Our programme management team will assist you in implementing the programme from start to finish, as well as providing you with regular updates and reviews. Our cutting-edge technological platforms, tools, and processes make it simple and convenient to implement, manage, control, and measure your programme.

We take care of

  1. Design

  2. Deployment

  3. Evaluation

  4. Optimization

Channel partners should be at the heart of loyalty programmes.

What factors contribute to the success of a channel loyalty programme?

Some of the essential levers of a good channel loyalty programme are inspiring and quantifiable goals, excellent communication, and strong partner connections. However, for the majority of firms, channel partner engagement consists solely of offering prizes and points. Too often, businesses don't spend enough time learning about their partners' viewpoints or establishing measurable goals to track programme performance. As a result, the majority of channel loyalty programmes are useless and fail to engage customers.

This is when data's power comes into play. The performance of a loyalty programme can be dramatically influenced by leveraging channel partner sales and engagement data. Predictive analytics, according to McKinsey, enable brands better understand what behaviours drive high-value customers. Data, when used correctly, increases the chances of creating a memorable partner experience. It has a bigger impact on long-term brand advocacy since it helps partners recognise the value in your engagement approach.

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