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How to build a successful mall loyalty program? An interview with Chayya Sakhuja


In today's competitive retail landscape, building and maintaining customer loyalty is crucial for the success of any mall. A well-designed loyalty program can be an effective strategy to incentivize repeat visits and drive customer engagement. To shed light on this topic, we had the opportunity to interview Chayya Sakhuja, a seasoned marketing expert with extensive experience in developing successful mall loyalty programs.

Q: What are the key elements of a successful mall loyalty program?

Chayya Sakhuja (CS): Firstly, it's important to offer tangible rewards that are relevant and appealing to your target audience. These rewards can include discounts on purchases, exclusive access to events or sales, free parking vouchers, or even personalized offers based on their shopping preferences.

Secondly, simplicity is key. Customers should find it easy to understand how the program works and how they can earn and redeem their rewards. Avoid complicated rules or processes that may discourage participation.

Lastly, effective communication plays a vital role in driving engagement. Regularly update members about new promotions or special events through various channels such as email newsletters, SMS alerts, social media posts, or even dedicated mobile apps.

Q: How can data analytics contribute towards enhancing the effectiveness of a mall loyalty program?

CS: Data analytics is an invaluable tool for understanding your customers' behaviors and preferences. By collecting data from their transactions within the mall – such as purchase history and visit frequency – you gain insights into what motivates them.

These insights enable you to personalize offers based on individual preferences or shopping patterns. For example, if someone frequently shops at specific stores within your mall but rarely uses food court facilities; you could tailor offers related to those preferred stores rather than food-related promotions.

Data analytics also helps measure the performance of your loyalty program by tracking metrics like member acquisition rates or redemption rates over time. This information allows you to make data-driven decisions and continuously improve the program's effectiveness.

Q: How can a mall loyalty program leverage digital channels?

CS: Digital channels offer tremendous opportunities for engaging with customers and enhancing their loyalty experience. Here are a few ways to leverage digital platforms:

1. Mobile Apps: Develop a dedicated mobile app that not only provides easy access to member benefits but also offers additional features like store directories, real-time updates on promotions, or interactive maps of your mall.

2. Social Media Integration: Leverage social media platforms where your target audience is active by creating exclusive content or running contests specifically for loyalty members. Encourage them to share their experiences within your mall using branded hashtags.

3. Online Surveys and Feedback: Use online surveys or feedback forms to gather insights directly from your members about their preferences, satisfaction levels, or suggestions for improvement. This shows that you value their opinions and helps in refining the program accordingly.


Building a successful mall loyalty program requires careful planning, relevant rewards, effective communication strategies, leveraging data analytics, and utilizing digital channels effectively. By implementing these key elements as shared by Chayya Sakhuja in this interview, marketing teams can create an impactful loyalty program that fosters customer engagement and drives repeat visits – ultimately leading to increased footfall and sales at the mall.

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